Friday, December 17, 2010

ONE WISH for Christmas Fundraiser

At Christmas time we always spend a lot of time thinking of what to get one another that will be truly special or meaningful well this Christmas Miss Music City is asking for ONE THING!!! Now I know what you may be thinking...a dress, shoes, make up, or even my two front teeth, wait I already have those! Anyways, Miss Music City wants you to donate $10 or more to Children's Miracle Network before December 25th. Since it is Ch
ristmas I think if you are giving gifts to others you too should have the chance to receive a gift and well how does a Brad Paisley autograph sound, or would you rather have a Vince Gill and Amy Grant CD and T-shirt both signed? I need 200 people to donate at least $10 to reach my $1,000 goal and after each of them have donated I will put there name into a drawing to win one of the many autographed memorabilia I have waiting for this event! The winner will be able to chose their item and the drawing will take place on December 25th via video that I will record and post to my Miss Music City Facebook page as well as TUMBLR and my website! Think about it what better Christmas gift could you give to Miss Music City and I could not think of anything better to give the lucky winner. If someone does make a donation of $1,000 I will let them pick a prize as well! So there you have it folks donate $10 or more and receive a chance to win an autographed CD, Shirt, Picture of the artist you choose. Donate $1,000 or more and you will automatically win a chance to choose your prize! I will be posting picture of all the things you could possibly win on this page so keep watching, and YES you will be entered in the contest one time for every $10 you donate.

The process is easy, here are the simple steps to make a difference in the lives to millions of kids who are helped by Children's Miracle Network each year!

1) Follow this link:

2) Make sure you see Miss Music City's picture on the page!


4) Enter your Personal Information along with your Credit Card or ECheck information.

5) Thats it YOU HAVE DONE IT! Sometimes it takes 24 hours to process but when the money has processed you will receive an email and will be able to go back and see how close I am to my goal!

American Red Cross Fashion Show

Love this dress from Social Butterfly!
Such a wonderful role model in my life....Miss Aryn Ward!
Kristina Sullivan the owner of EyeCandy Boutique! (Did I mention this Nashville girl can sing!)
The beautiful Pam Funderburg, the coordinator of the Fashion Show.
My wonderful Make Up artist from White House Salon

Awesome makeup, hair, clothes and a fabulous crowd to walk the runway for basically explains last night in a nut shell! I was privileged to walk the runway with 20 models, modeling many different designs, styles, and looks for the wonderful people who were at the show in support for The Red Cross Fashion Show! The event started at 7:30 with awesome food and fun festivities then straight on to fashion. I was able to model my awesome hair and make up done by White House Salon and of course amazing dresses by Social Butterfly, Jolie, and Eye Candy. I was also sporting some amazing jewelry from Facet Foundary! I am so excited to see all of the pictures that were taken at the event last night but until then here is a little back stage preview of the show! I can not wait to hear the money that we were able to raise last night, and can not wait until next years Fashion Show! Enjoy the pictures!

If you or anyone you know would like to make a donation to the Red Cross please visit this website:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Red Kettle Night with the Nashville Predators

WOW! Talking about a successful and fun night for Miss Music City, Saturday night was one. I started off my night outside of the beautiful Bridgestone Arena in wonderful downtown Nashville ringing the bell for the Salvation Army! Although it was cold and raining all of the volunteers made the best of it by singing, dancing and get as many donations as we could, I can promise you my kettle WON!! (According to me). When the game started all of the volunteers headed inside for an exciting Hockey game against the Florida Panthers. The best part has yet to come, your Miss Music City was able to take her first Zamboni ride! I had a wonderful time raising money for such a great cause, cheering for my home town hockey team the Nashville Predators, taking pictures with fans and although the Zamboni ride was amazing but not amazing as the $800 we raised for the Salvation Army!

Thank for all who came out to the game and donated to the Salvation Army....we hope to see you next year!!!

Princess Amanda

As most of you in the Miss Tennessee family know our dear Amanda Swartout going thru a very hard time right now. For those of you that do not know Amanda, she is a Chattanooga, 12 year old native that has been battling a Brain Tumor. As most of you know the reason why my platform is Relay For Life is because when I was 8 I lost a very dear friend, Noelle to the same disease! As I watch this family go thru the same thing that Noelle's family did I can do nothing but lift them up in prayer. Although it may not seem like it, we are making strides towards finding a cure to this robbing disease! Earlier this month Amanda and her family were able to Make A Wish and take a family vacation to Hawaii where Amanda was able to swim with dolphins and have some awesome family time. Amanda, who loves country music by the way even got to meet Lady Antebellum along with her sister. After the trip Amanda's prognosis was not exactly what the family would have hoped but as her mother said "God does great things," and I truly believe that.

Amanda's love for country music inspired me to do exactly what any Miss Music City should do, and that is get together with my Country Artist friends and give her the BEST Christmas ever. With the help of many famous country artist Amanda is receiving a lot of country music this week out there in Memphis, Tennessee. I am praying that this music lifts up her spirits and her families as she enjoys this Christmas. Please keep Amanda in your thoughts and prayers as well as the millions that are battling Cancer this Holiday season. I am a believer in Miracles and that God is in business still!

If you have anything that you would like to send to Amanda or her family you are welcome to send it to this address:

Amanda Swartout
c/o Chattanooga Truck Center
1716 Church Rd
Chattanooga, TN 37421

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kicking off the Holiday Season with the Salvation Army!

If you know me, you know I LOVE the Holiday season, yes I am "that" person that starts listening to Christmas music in October, and nothing can kick off the Holiday season like the sound of Christmas music and the Salvation Army bells. On Monday night I had the wonderful opportunity of being a volunteer and greeter at the first annual "A Gathering of Angels Benefit Concert!" the concert took place at Christ Church on Old Hickory Blvd and was a free show for all those willing to come and hear some of the best Christian and Country artist in Nashville. This benefit concert featured Victory recording artist Jimmy Wayne, Belmont graduate Julie Roberts, Grammy award winning Christian artist Matthew West, and one of the most famous and successful country groups Restless Heart!

All of these artist share not only their love for music but also love for children and those less fortunate, all of these artist came together for free to raise money and awareness for the Salvation Army and to kick off the annual Christmas event, "The Angel Tree."

The Angel tree is a project that the Salvation Army adopts every year to insure that each child is given the Christmas that they deserve. I challenge you to at least adopt one angel from the angel tree so that no "angels" are forgotten this year! The Salvation Army did a wonderful job of putting this event together and making sure that everyone at the event did not leave without an open heart for such a great cause! I want to thank everyone that was there at the event last night, as well as the artist and all the volunteers without you all our community would not be what it is today!

If you are downtown MUSIC CITY on December 11, you will find me there ringing that wonderful Salvation Army bell before the Predators game! Come out and see me, and DO NOT FORGET to grab an angel this year!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Miss Music City at Del Webb Lake Providence

WOW! That is the only word I can say to explain last night,what a great group of people I met in such a wonderful community but the night didn't start off like that, let me explain! Well you see I'm a girl, and I get caught up in what outfit I should wear, what shoes I should wear and of course how I should wear my hair, and you see I didn't give my self enough time to look at the map and make sure I knew exactly where I was going so I did what any person would do, I put it in the GPS and that is where the plan went down hill.
As I am driving along, following my GPS ("Cynthia" is her name) all of a sudden "she" tells me that she does not know where she is going. If you know me, you know by this point I don't know where I am going! Long story short, Cynthia the GPS remembers where she is and we make it right on time to Del Webb Lake Providence, where I was greeted with the nicest people I have ever met in my life! After the residents had eaten dinner I was wonderfully introduced by Mrs Shirley Hawkins, a resident there at DWLP and a person very involved in their community; after my introduction I gave a short concert and then we enjoyed the rest of our time together laughing and talking! I took a lot of pictures and signed a lot of autographs, which of course made my night! I am so thankful that I was able to spend my night at Del Webb Lake Providence, it is truly a wonderful place to live and an enjoyable place to visit!

If you will be at Miss TN make sure you look in the Miss TN Program book to see more pictures from Del Webb Lake Providence, because they are sponsoring a page for me! Thanks again to Shari Arnold who made all of this possible and Del Webb Lake Providence for making me feel right at home, I'll be back!

Much Love,


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Miss Music City at Del Webb Lake Providence

I am so excited about working with Shari Arnold the Lifestyle Director at Del Webb Lake Providence in Mt Juliet, TN on my visit to this wonderful community. Del Webb Lake Providence is ranked number four out of all Del Webb Communities, which are located across the United States. I will be visiting all the residence and attending their Friday Night Social this coming Friday, November 5th. We will all enjoy time to fellowship, take pictures, and a wonderful pot-luck dinner. I am also so excited about singing for the residence as well as sign autographs. I can not wait to share some pictures of our Friday Night Social! Thank you again Del Webb for opening up your doors to Miss Music City I can not wait to meet each and every one of you!

Much Love,


I have also attached a link to a video that shows off Del Webb as well as Mrs Shari Arnold!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A look at Miss Music City

Whew! It is was a long 7 hour drive back to NC to see my family but I made it, and while I was here in NC I just had to get a few pictures in with my favorite photographer and brother, Tyler VanDyke! Tyler is only 15 you guys and is already so in depth with his career as a photographer and well as you can see he is GOOD AT IT, if I say so myself! I thought I would share just a few of the pictures that we took this weekend....check out my website for more!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Miss Music City goes PINK!!!!

I am sure that no matter who you are, you or your family has been affected by CANCER, particularly BREAST CANCER. During the month of October we celebrate the lives of those who have both survived and fought the battle of Breast Cancer, and remember that one day with the help of awareness, early detection, and funds that WE will find a CURE for Breast Cancer, and ALL CANCERS!

Today I was thinking of all the people that I know that have had breast cancer, and it is sad that you know so many people now that have had or have cancer that you can not remember what type of cancer they have. As Miss Music City and as a friend that has lost a friend to cancer I want to make a difference, I want to look back one day and have my kids have to ask me "what is cancer?" because it is as rare as Polio! With all that said nothing can be changed unless we change it ourselves so I am asking YOU to donate NOW to Relay For Life, in honor or in memory of those that you have lost! Please follow my teams page "Queen For A Cause" at the following link:
Even if it is just $5 you are making a difference in the lives of every American!

If you have a story that you would like to share of how a friend, co worker, family member, neighbor, or just a stranger you met battled their cancer whether they are still alive or not I want you to share their story! The words that you share may be a light of hope for someone who is going thru the long process of battling cancer themselves or thru a family member or a friend. I want to hear from all of you! Please send the stories to I am going to do something very special with them, if you do not want your story to be public please say so in the email!

Remember that October is all about BREAST CANCER awareness, honor all of those that have put up the fight for Breast Cancer!!!! Also remember that early detection is the LIFE SAVER for Breast Cancer, women and men over the age of 40 are at risk, yes I said MEN! Contact your physician to find out more information and get checked for Breast Cancer! If you have questions or want to know more about how to do a personal exam or where you can go to for help please visit:

I can not wait to hear all of your stories, have a blessed and PINK OCTOBER!!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lupus Walk for Nashville

What better way to spend a wonderful Saturday afternoon than at the park with two of the sweetest girls I know, who are they? Macy Moyer and Camille Gear. Macy Miss Capital City Teen Princess and Camille is Miss Music City's Outstanding Teen, both of the girls will compete in March in hopes of bringing home the state title to wonderful Music City! Lupus is Macy's platform and I was so excited when she asked me to come and get involved! Lupus is not something that everyone knows about, and I think that being apart of such an event really opens your eyes to that reality. You may still be asking what is Lupus? Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the body's immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue. This results in symptoms such as inflammation, swelling, and damage to joints, skin, kidneys, blood, the heart, and lungs. If you would like to get involved and help people that are diagnosed with Lupus look up the Lupus foundation nearest you!

I had such a good time getting to know these girls and can not wait for more appearances to come! I will be posting more photo's on my personal website, but here are a few to look at!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Music City Women's Marathon

In preparation for Miss TN I saw it only fitting that I participate in the Music City Women's Marathon, only I'm not running Im leaving that up to YOU ladies! Its not too late to register for this fun, fun, fun event! It will be in wonderful Music City and you will have the chance to meet tons of new girl friends, win a really neat medal and of course come say hey to me! I will be there for registration on Friday as well on Saturday to hand out medals with the wounded soldiers from the Air Borne!

If you would like to know more about the race go to:

I look forward to seeing all you ladies at the race!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Celebrating the TN State Fair!

Opening Ceremonies
My new ride
Miss Country Sunshine, Jaclyn Torrento and I

Chicken on a stick, fried everything and CMX Demolition Derby cars pretty much explains this appearance in a nut shell! I started off the fair at the Opening Ceremonies celebrating 104th year of the TN State Fair, and was so proud to be apart of honoring the state fair which is now a Century Fair! After hearing about all the great things the fair has done over the past years, and where it started and now where it is at made it that much more amazing that I was actually apart of such a great event. Luckily the rain held off for my next event at the fair and that was the CMX Demolition Derby! After I sang the National Anthem and talked for a little bit with the drivers and crowd it was time to watch the cars beat up on each other, and boy did they do that, in fact at the end of the night there was only ONE car still standing after all six of the races!! I want to send a special thanks to the TN State Fair for having me at all the events and Rebecca Fowler over CMX for getting me involved at the Demolition Derby, I had so much fun and can’t wait till next year when I drive a car at the Derby!

The winning Demo Derby CMX team and I at the awards ceremony

If you would like to see the host, all of the drivers and their pit crew go to:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Miss Music City at Hard Rock Cafe!

All the CMX Demolition Derby Drivers

What better place to make my very first Miss Music City appearance than downtown Music City at the renovated Hard Rock Cafe! As the Demolition Derby drivers prepare for their big show on Friday, September 10th at the TN State Fair, they all had a special Kick off party dinner and guess who they invited? Miss Music City! Meeting all the drivers and their families made me so excited for this weekends events at the Fair! I want to send a special thanks to The Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville, thanks so much for all the wonderful food and the great view and also Rebecca Fowler over the Demolition Derby for letting me be apart of this great event, maybe next year I’ll drive a car? I think I’ll stick to on the road driving! Hope to see you all at the State Fair!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Since I was 8 years old finding a cure for cancer has always been my passion in life!!! After loosing a very close friend to an inoperable brain tumor, Relay For Life was something I just had to do, that is why my platform is Relay For Life!

CANCER has touched each of our lives in some way, either by a family member, co worker, or friend, that is why making it HISTORY is so important to me.

As Miss Music City I decided to put together a team that would consist of Miss TN local or state level contestants, directors, and friends of Queens calling the team "Queens for a Cause." If YOU or someone you know is in the Miss TN family please send them this link and GET INVOLVED! To be apart of the team is so easy, follow the link that is listed below, and JOIN THE TEAM from there create your own page and register as a member. Don't forget to donate your $10 so you get a Relay For Life t-shirt! No matter what state, county, area you live in you can participate, thanks to the online fundraising accounts! Our goal as a team is to raise $10,000, so please join and help us reach it!

To join "Queens For A Cause" follow this link:

To see Miss Music City's fundraising page or make a donation go to:

If you have any questions about how the team works, or about Relay for Life feel free to email me at

P.S "Queens for A Cause" is the first team to register in the Davidson County Relay!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Its time for the TN State Fair!! Yeeee Haawwww!!!!

Hey yall!!!

Its time for the TN State Fair again and I am so excited to announce that I will be apart of it this year! I will be there for the opening ceremonies on Friday, September 1oth at 6:00, to talk about Miss Music City and going to Miss TN in June. You will also find me riding rides, listening to great music, and of course eating LOTS of food!

I hope to see you all there to take pictures and get an official Miss Music City autograph!

To check out information about the TN State Fair go to:

Look forward to seeing all of YALL down at the fair grounds!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Make Miracles Happen....Support Children's Miracle Network

c_m_n_logo_newtagCOLOR 221 134.jpg

As Miss Music City my goal is to raise at least $1,000 to make miracles happen for the children at Children Miracle Network Hospitals.

Did you know?
There are 5 CMN Hospitals in the state of TN!

If you would like to make an online donation to the Miss Music City Children's Miracle Network Site please follow the link:

Every dollar you send, is one step closer to a MIRACLE!!!!

Nashville Lupus Walk 2011

Walk with Miss Music City and Support the Nashville Lupus Foundation

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Events Shelter in Centennial Park

Get Your PURPLE On!

The LFAM's 2010 Walk for Lupus Now T-shirts will be PURPLE, the official color of Lupus Awareness! We would like to encourage you and your walkers to “Get Your PURPLE On" to help raise awareness and funds to support the mission of the Mid-South Chapter. Any registered participant who raises $100 or more on their individual fundraising website or in off-line donations by Friday, September 17, is guaranteed a 2010 Walk for Lupus Now "Get Your PURPLE On" T-shirt! Help us make a statement on Walk day by encouraging your team members to raise $100 each and “Get Your PURPLE On”!

Schedule of Events

3:00pm - Registration, Pre-registration and Team Captain check-in opens. Help yourself to healthy snacks and drinks while enjoying some LIVE music. Stroll through the Health & Wellness Fair area gathering helpful information on living better and healthier! Visit the Children’s Corner, Door Prizes, Sponsors, Lupus Information table, take Team photos and fill out your “I am walking for...” stickers. Visit with friends, family and co-workers during this extended registration time.
4:40pm - A word from our Walk Coordinator, Sponsorship Recognition, Fundraising Club Awards and Warm-up!
5:00pm - Walk for Lupus Now Nashville begins!
6:30pm - Individual and Team Awards announced & Door Prizes will be given out.
7:00pm - Lighting the Parthenon Purple for Lupus Awareness!

Events Shelter in Centennial Park

The Events Shelter is located in the Northwest corner of the Historic Centennial Park in Nashville. Centennial Park can be accessed from Interstates 65 and 440. The main entrance to the park is located on West End Avenue. There are also entrances to the park from 25th Avenue North, 27th Avenue North and Park Plaza Road.

We will once again ask our participants to park in the HCA parking lots on Park Plaza Road. Look for event signage and volunteers to direct you to the parking areas. The lot directly behind the Shelter will be reserved for handicap parking only.

Walk for Lupus Now Nashville

The Walk for Lupus Now Nashville is a 1, 2 or 3 mile lap along a paved, flat path around the park passing the beautiful Parthenon, duck pond and many flower gardens. Walkers have the option to return to the events shelter after each lap. Strollers and leashed dogs are welcome. Walking maps will be available on Walk day.

If you would like to register for the walk follow this link:

For more information about what Lupus is, How you can get involved follow this link:

If you would like to donate, go to Miss Music City's Lupus Fundraising Page:

Miss Capital City Princess, Macy Moyer will also be there!! Come Support this great cause!!!!

Much Love,

Victoria VanDyke

Getting to know Miss Music City

Hello everyone,

I thought it would be a great idea for me to share some things about myself and why I am the person I am today! I am a 19 year old Sophomore at Belmont University in Nashville, TN! I am an Entertainment Industry Studies major, minoring in Mass Communications. My hopes are to one day become a Country Music Singer and be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. I was born and raised in Belmont, NC with a great Christian family. My Father is an educator and coaches High School football and baseball, my Mother is a stay at home mom, and my brother and I share the same birthday but are 4 years apart. My brother is my best friend in the whole wide world, and I am sure you will see his talents this year on this blog, he is an amazing photographer, did I mention he is only 15! Yes, I'm proud!!!

Since I was 8 years old I have spent a lot of time volunteering for the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life, after loosing a close childhood friend to an inoperable brain tumor finding a cure for cancer has always been my mission in life. I have raised over $55,000 personally to help find a cure for cancer, it is my dream to see that no one ever has to go through what my Noelle did again. In high school I was in 12 clubs and was a member of the Varsity cheerleading squad and apart of the SC State Champion Chorus. Music has always been a huge part of my life, and I could not imagine my life without it!

I enjoy shopping, dancing, singing. going to movies, watching pageants, and volunteering! I am a huge baseball fan and love DUKE basketball, and am proud to say I am also a Clemson Tiger. Growing up a coaches daughter I LOVE all sports and as you can tell all teams! When I was 16 and I told my dad I was going to do a pageant, I wish you could have seen the look on his face, he was laughing inside and out. After the pageant he said to me "I have never been so proud" and that was a turning point in my life, I actually won that pageant that night and went to compete at Miss NC's Outstanding Teen! I have been blessed in my pageant experiences and have the most positive feeling towards them, I can honestly say that they have made me a better women both on the stage and off and not to mention have almost paid for my education!
I am so excited about being Miss Music City and can not wait to take the stage in Jackson, TN at Miss TN this June. I will leave you with something that I made my moto a year ago, I hope it means as much to you as it does to me!

"Use your crown to open a new door, but don't use it as the reason you are walking in."

God Bless,

Victoria VanDyke

Miss Music City!!!

Victoria VanDyke

As I stood on the stage with 14 other very deserving young ladies on August 21st, I was fortunate enough to be named Miss Music City 2011! I am so excited about working hard in the Nashville community and starting my journey to the Miss TN stage in June 2011. Although it is only a few weeks in to my title I can already tell you that I have the best sister queen, Miss Capital City, Keisha Wilson as well as the most supportive committee. I can not wait to see where this year takes me. You do not know how excited I am to be your new Miss Music City!

I will be using this blog to share all of my experiences throughout this year with you all as well as some pictures of my journey along the way! I also have a facebook fan page that I would love for you to join and be apart of so that you can ask me questions or send me information about events that I could support or make appearances at.

If you would like to join me on facebook follow this link:

If you are not on facebook and would like to request an appearance feel free to email me at

I am so excited about being a representative for my community at Miss TN and can not wait to be involved as much as I can!

Much Love,

Victoria VanDyke