Monday, September 13, 2010

Celebrating the TN State Fair!

Opening Ceremonies
My new ride
Miss Country Sunshine, Jaclyn Torrento and I

Chicken on a stick, fried everything and CMX Demolition Derby cars pretty much explains this appearance in a nut shell! I started off the fair at the Opening Ceremonies celebrating 104th year of the TN State Fair, and was so proud to be apart of honoring the state fair which is now a Century Fair! After hearing about all the great things the fair has done over the past years, and where it started and now where it is at made it that much more amazing that I was actually apart of such a great event. Luckily the rain held off for my next event at the fair and that was the CMX Demolition Derby! After I sang the National Anthem and talked for a little bit with the drivers and crowd it was time to watch the cars beat up on each other, and boy did they do that, in fact at the end of the night there was only ONE car still standing after all six of the races!! I want to send a special thanks to the TN State Fair for having me at all the events and Rebecca Fowler over CMX for getting me involved at the Demolition Derby, I had so much fun and can’t wait till next year when I drive a car at the Derby!

The winning Demo Derby CMX team and I at the awards ceremony

If you would like to see the host, all of the drivers and their pit crew go to:

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