Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Miss Music City!!!

Victoria VanDyke

As I stood on the stage with 14 other very deserving young ladies on August 21st, I was fortunate enough to be named Miss Music City 2011! I am so excited about working hard in the Nashville community and starting my journey to the Miss TN stage in June 2011. Although it is only a few weeks in to my title I can already tell you that I have the best sister queen, Miss Capital City, Keisha Wilson as well as the most supportive committee. I can not wait to see where this year takes me. You do not know how excited I am to be your new Miss Music City!

I will be using this blog to share all of my experiences throughout this year with you all as well as some pictures of my journey along the way! I also have a facebook fan page that I would love for you to join and be apart of so that you can ask me questions or send me information about events that I could support or make appearances at.

If you would like to join me on facebook follow this link:

If you are not on facebook and would like to request an appearance feel free to email me at

I am so excited about being a representative for my community at Miss TN and can not wait to be involved as much as I can!

Much Love,

Victoria VanDyke


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