Friday, December 17, 2010

ONE WISH for Christmas Fundraiser

At Christmas time we always spend a lot of time thinking of what to get one another that will be truly special or meaningful well this Christmas Miss Music City is asking for ONE THING!!! Now I know what you may be thinking...a dress, shoes, make up, or even my two front teeth, wait I already have those! Anyways, Miss Music City wants you to donate $10 or more to Children's Miracle Network before December 25th. Since it is Ch
ristmas I think if you are giving gifts to others you too should have the chance to receive a gift and well how does a Brad Paisley autograph sound, or would you rather have a Vince Gill and Amy Grant CD and T-shirt both signed? I need 200 people to donate at least $10 to reach my $1,000 goal and after each of them have donated I will put there name into a drawing to win one of the many autographed memorabilia I have waiting for this event! The winner will be able to chose their item and the drawing will take place on December 25th via video that I will record and post to my Miss Music City Facebook page as well as TUMBLR and my website! Think about it what better Christmas gift could you give to Miss Music City and I could not think of anything better to give the lucky winner. If someone does make a donation of $1,000 I will let them pick a prize as well! So there you have it folks donate $10 or more and receive a chance to win an autographed CD, Shirt, Picture of the artist you choose. Donate $1,000 or more and you will automatically win a chance to choose your prize! I will be posting picture of all the things you could possibly win on this page so keep watching, and YES you will be entered in the contest one time for every $10 you donate.

The process is easy, here are the simple steps to make a difference in the lives to millions of kids who are helped by Children's Miracle Network each year!

1) Follow this link:

2) Make sure you see Miss Music City's picture on the page!


4) Enter your Personal Information along with your Credit Card or ECheck information.

5) Thats it YOU HAVE DONE IT! Sometimes it takes 24 hours to process but when the money has processed you will receive an email and will be able to go back and see how close I am to my goal!

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