Saturday, March 26, 2011

84 Days from now

How crazy does is sound that in 84 days we will know who the new Miss Tennessee is? This year has been a wild and crazy journey but one that is so worth the ride! The amazing experience that I have had to not only represent Music City but Relay For Life and Children's Miracle Network has been a true blessing! As I watched Nicole Jordan enter the room at the Miss Tennessee workshop, I knew that her year as Miss TN was nothing less than remarkable, not because the crown that she wore on her head, but the place that each child and adult that met her along her journey had for her in their heart. When someone truly touches someone its not the outfit, hair, make up or environment they remember its the connection that they feel when they walk away from them that sticks out. Leaving the Miss TN Workshop I felt that this "family" had that connection and that I was truly touched and made better by the words that Nicole spoke. In life we hear so many negative comments about our world, our youth, and how everything is going down hill. When are we going to wise up and see that there are people making a difference? No matter what happens 84 days from now, it is my goal to make a difference in every life that I come in contact with! I want to thank so many people for helping me come this far, because with out steps in life we could go no where!

As you look at the pictures from workshop know that any of the contestants that are competing for the title of Miss TN would represent our state well, not because they are beautiful but because they all have a genuine passion for making a difference in the short amount of time we are given here on this Earth!

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