Sunday, May 15, 2011

Moped To Memphis

I feel so blessed to have grown up around such a wonderful man as Mr. Frank Falls: a teacher, mentor, friend and role model for all who are near. In 2009 Mr. Falls, an economic teacher at Clover High School started a program called Moped to Memphis, this program focuses on raising money at Clover High for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. In March of every year, Mr. Falls brings the money that his students as well as the Clover community has so generously raised all the way to Memphis on a moped from Clover, South Carolina. Traveling over 600 miles Mr. Falls has made it a personal goal to raise 1 million dollars in his life time, and although that sounds like a lot of money, if there is anyone that can do it he can. I was so happy to get the call from him earlier in the year to ask me to join him along with his "moped" team in Memphis, I was so excited. This year Clover was able to collect $25,000 to donate, making their goal for next year at $30,000.

St. Jude has always had a special place in my heart considering that was where my friend Noelle had all of her treatment when she was going through her cancer treatment. It was an amazing thing to see how much each Doctor, Nurse, and care giver cared for every patient there at the hospital. Touring the hospital, I had so much fun seeing each child smile and point and the shiny crown that I am so blessed to wear. It still amazes me what an impact this "hat" that all 36 of us are able to put on and reach out to those who need it. Every smile, laugh, hug, or picture I get to share with a child, parent or caregiver is a moment I will remember for a lifetime. There are not many times in a persons life when you can say, "I know a difference was made," and it was not because of anything I said or did but just because I was there.

My hope is that YOU find a way to "be there" and make the difference that you want to see in the world. With just one smile you can change one persons day and even there life. Everything we receive in life or don't receive is a blessing, take each one as a sign for your future!

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