Monday, January 17, 2011

On both sides of the table!

Look who I found at the pageant, my favorite TN Princess Macy Moyer
Talking to Miss America Teen on the Red Carpet!
Us Judges in the "Green Room" and it is actually Green!
Mrs. TN and I on the first night of competition!

WOW! That is the best word that could describe this weekend for me, if you do not know this weekend I was asked to judge the Miss America Teen Pageant and what a honor that is in its self! Although I have had the opportunity to judge many pageants this one especially was so difficult! The quality of the young ladies from every state were just simply amazing. It was so difficult to find the right girl for the job of Miss Jr Teen America and Miss America Teen that the judges ourself were in question of who was going to win! I am so happy to announce that our new Miss Jr Teen America and Miss America Teen are already on the job and ready to promote their platforms which both happen to be bullying as well as the Miss America Teen Program. I feel blessed and honored to have met all of the young ladies this past weekend and host them here in Nashville, TN!

It is great to have so many beautiful, talented, and caring young woman in my city and of course as Miss Music City I was so excited to show everyone around! If you would like to know more about this wonderful program or watch the competition LIVE from last night please follow the link and it will take you right to it, you may also see me on the Red Carpet!

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